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update to 1.10 drops May 19

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2015 9:32 pm
Author: 350X
update to 1.10 drops May 19

"Here are some of the highlights you can expect to see when you log in tomorrow!

Team Training!! It's here! - Paingod has an extensive post about this new feature here: http://forum.worldoftanksxbox360edition ... team-pt-2/
Tank Practice - take any tank you own into a solo practice mode - there are 3 different versions. One for target practice where the tanks do not shoot back, one where they DO shoot back, and one that is a driving practice.
An "Optimize Content" feature has been added to the launcher. This is designed to help with long loading times or late loading.
Many balance changes to both tanks and maps - Keep in mind that we are using Xbox stats when we look at balance changes. These changes may or may not be similar to things that PC tanks has done in the past - we won't make changes that don't make sense with our stats just because they were made on another platform.

What is NOT in this update - there is no new content. This is a numbered updated, which means features and bug fixes. Just wanted to be clear on that one, so that you know that there are no new tanks or maps coming tomorrow."

http://forum.worldoftanksxbox360edition ... ay-may-19/

Re: update to 1.10 drops May 19

PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 5:05 am
Author: 350X
As we await the deployment of update 1.10 have a look at the patch notes and see what's new!

Team Training

It’s no secret that teams cooperating in battle have a greater chance at success. As requested by you awesome tankers, we’ve introduced Team Training, which allows you to practice alongside or against other players in special training rooms without going through the normal matchmaker. Team Training can hold teams of 15 (30 players total), where you can test out battlefield tactics and see what works on certain maps and in specific scenarios.

You cannot earn any type of Experience or Silver while training. Once the training session is over, players will return to their Garage to select a new vehicle, but will remain in the Team Training room.

A few notes on the current Team Training guidelines:

Although only players with an active Premium account will be able to create a room, players who are invited to join the room do not need a Premium account.
You will not be charged for repair costs, only reload and resupply costs will apply
Players already in a Platoon cannot create a room
The host (creator of the room) is responsible for forming both teams and balancing them. Only the host can start the training room
Training rooms can be private or public (public rooms will be displayed in a list)
Players who are invited to join a training room will receive the invitation via the Xbox 360 Dashboard
Training rooms must have a minimum of six players to start (three on each side)

Once in the training room, you'll have the option to select which map to practice on, and for how long!

Tank Practice

How many times have you joined a battle in a newly bought vehicle only to end up wrecked in the first few minutes? Those days will come to an end with the introductionof Tank Practice! You’ll now be able to take any vehicle currently in your Garage into three types of practice modes; Driving, Target and Live, where you can hone your skills and come out battle ready!

Driving Practice: You'll be guided through a map by following the objectives. Use this mode to test out your vehicle maneuvering abilities
Target Practice: Fine-tune your aim by targeting enemy tanks, beginning with tier I, that won't fire back
Live Fire Practice: Start off against tier I tanks, and see where you really stand once the enemy starts firing back

While repairs are free in this mode, ammunition and Consumable resupplies are still charged. You cannot earn Silver or Experience in Tank Practice.

Active Scout Training

New Tutorial Mission - Located under the "Training" option in the Tank Reel in your Garage. Beginning Tankers can now undergo the Active Scout Training for an interactive way to learn the basics of successful scouting!

Optimize Content feature

Is your game loading slowly or experiencing other weird issues? You can now attempt a quick fix in the game launcher with the "Optimize Content" button. This process can take several minutes and does require free space on your HDD. If you do not have enough available space, you will need to perform a full download. Use this feature only if you are experiencing issues such as long loading times.

New Medals

Gore's Medal - Drive an Artillery and cause damage exceeding 10 times the hit points of your vehicle.
Fire for Effect - Cause more damage to enemy vehicles than the hit points of your vehicle.
Rock Solid - While driving an Artillery, destroy an enemy vehicle by ramming and survive the battle.
For Counter-Battery Fire - In a battle, destroy all enemy Artillery (at least 3) with an Artillery.
Stark's Medal - While driving an Artillery, destroy at least 2 enemy vehicles and receive at least 2 enemy hits that cause damage or are blocked by armor.
Cold-Blooded - Destroy at least 2 enemy light tanks from a distance of not more than 100 meters with an Artillery.
Shellproof - Have total damage blocked by armor exceed the hit points of your vehicle.
Fighter - Destroy four or five enemy vehicles in one battle.
Duelist - Destroy at least two enemy vehicles that caused damage to your vehicle in the battle.
Demolition Expert - Destroy an enemy vehicle by causing its ammunition to explode.
Arsonist - Destroy an enemy vehicle by setting it on fire.
Bruiser - Damage enemy vehicles' modules or injure crew members at least five times in a battle.
Hand of God - Survive and win the battle, having received damage from at least four different enemy vehicles.
Eye for an Eye! - Simultaneously destroy, and be destroyed, by the same enemy.
Spotter - Spot enemy vehicles, enabling your allies to cause 1,000 HP of damage in one battle.

Map Updates and Balance:

Vehicle class spawning improved for Artillery on the following maps:
Airfield (Encounter)
Airfield - War! (Encounter)
Cliff (Encounter)
Erlenberg (Standard)
Spawnpoints adjusted slightly for balance on the following maps:
Highway (Encounter)
Pearl River (Encounter)
Widepark (Encounter)
Flag and Spawnpoints moved for balance on the following maps:
Ensk - War! (Standard): Flag moved to A5
Karelia (Encounter): Flag moved to E/F 5/6
Komarin (Assault): Flag moved to B/C 9/0
Westfield (Assault): Flag moved to H2 with attacking team starting in B9
New Encounter layouts for the following maps:
Himmelsdorf - Night (the day version retains the previous Encounter layout)
Flag is located at E/F 9/0
Team 1 is at A3 and Team 2 is at K2
Prokhorovka - Night (the day version retains the previous Encounter layout)
Flag is located at F/G 0
Team 1 is at A 4/5 and Team 2 is K 2/4
Province - Night (the day version retains the previous Encounter layout)
Flag is located at J/K 5/6
Team 1 is at C/D 9 and Team 2 is at C/D 2
Westfield (the Rain version retains the previous Encounter layout)
Flag is located at E/F 5/6
Team 1 is at H/J 2/3 and Team 2 is at A/B 9/0
Various asset and art fixes to:
Arctic Region - Fixed an instance where a player could get stuck at B4.
Fishing Bay - War! - Added collision regions and lowered debris to prevent player from getting stuck in buildings
Westfield - Adjusted collision on a shed prop so smaller/faster tanks could not drive underneath it
Widepark - Fixed a couple of spawns that were causing the camera to point up or down at start.
Widepark - Added physics region to prevent player from getting stuck between rubble prop and map border.
Siegfried Line - War! - fixed various assets that could cause players to get stuck.

Major Vehicle Changes

German StuG III renamed to StuG III Ausf. G
American T49 renamed to T67 (The turret on the T67 is open and cannot use Ventilation. Players with a T49 that had Ventilation equipped will be refunded the cost of the Equipment)

The following vehicle models have been updated:
Pz.Kpfw. II
Pz.Kpfw. V Panther
Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger I
StuG III Ausf. G
Centurion Mk. 7/1
Churchill I
M24 Chaffee
M3 Lee
M4 Sherman
M26 Pershing
M18 Hellcat
Object 704


Fixed an issue where the tank image goes out of bounds of the flag icon background after going into consumables then scrolling through the tank reel
Updated UI in customize reel. Text and premium purchases look more consistent
Updated UI in crew reel.
Bug Fix - Options: Gamma disappears after selecting Safe Zone Calibration
Stats Menu: Details pane numeric values missing thousands separators IC-41498 - Stats Menu: Missing thousands separator in battle count column Buddy checked by Sergiy G.
When you have 3/3 Ops selected, a proper error message will show.
Fixed an issue where if the player presses start after a tutorial video finishes, that video isn't marked as watched
Tank selector, tank stats, and Ops pane hidden while selecting tank filters
Popups from Xbox dashboard no longer cause score screen to disappear
Active Ops will no longer permanently overlap the silver trial panel
Tank reel filter no longer reverts to its previous settings when selling a tank after returning from battle
Celebrations in the launcher were sped up
There is a new help screen for the Log tab.


AFK Deterrent: Players will no longer earn any XP if they leave a game early while still alive.
Fixed an issue where a player's "Next Battle" functionality would sometimes cause achievements related to kill tracking to not be awarded correctly.
Updated shockwave FX.
Artillery shots now have much bigger FX on ground hit. Boom!
Fixed an issue where team kills could count towards the completion of achievements.
Team killers now are forced to pay the repair bill of any tank they destroy.
The "Friends and Enemies" achievement now can no longer be progressed towards in a solo platoon.
Adjustments made to muzzle flashes while in sniper cam.
Shallow and deep water can now reduce the engine fire change and burn time if set on fire
If in shallow water (no drown timer, in-water icon on screen) - slight reduction.
If in deep water (drown timer on screen) - greater reduction.
Battle Hero Medals can now be awarded to multiple eligible players in a match and do not tie break based on highest XP earned.
The MVP achievement will no longer be awarded if all players leave the game before any XP is awarded.


Japanese consumable Onigiri shows up with the proper background int he HUD
Updated death by fire tip to : "While your tank is on fire, it and its modules constantly take damage. Use a Manual or Automatic Fire Extinguisher consumable to stop fires in your tank."
Fixed an issue where the immobilized indicator would not follow the camera after switching views
Cruise control can no longer appear to be toggled by the viewer while spectating other players in post-mortem
Voice icons will no longer overlap the square mini-map
Package names corrected for T18, Pershing, and T29
Reload timer no longer appears once you have run out of ammo
Fixed an issue where out of range tanks would have their icon flash on screen


Rain sounds should now properly cover the entire map for rain variants.
Fixed incorrect audio cues when switching from a destroyed player to an active player in post-mortem


Fixed some missing translations in the training ops.
Object 430 and Object 140 fix for Russian
Typo fix in Portuguese-Brazil for Reaper medal
Overlap issue fixes in the mini-map loading screen for German and Polish
Fixed button truncation in several languages in the options menu