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Hellcat Battle Club: Sign Up

PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2015 7:59 pm
Author: 350X
Hellcat Battle Club: Sign Up
http://forum.worldoftanksxbox360edition ... b-sign-up/
[ First id like to get a bunch of folks on board, then we can settle on a time,date. ]

The goal is to have full battles of nothing but Hellcats in the new training rooms.

We may need to have a few practice battles just to warm up and get the silly stuff out of the way and then have some serious battle time.

Equipment and ammo of your choice, I fully expect nothing but red tracers.

[In all honesty this is what I wanted for the clan side of things long ago, to be able to roll out in all Hellcats and let the cards fall where they may. ]